Eight steps for setting up a profitable piggery business


Animal husbandry and livestock sectors are critical for the rural livelihood and economic development of the country. Among the livestock species, the pig finds an important place as it is reared by socio-economically weaker sections of the society. Pig farming in India is one of the lucrative and profitable livestock businesses.

Benefits of Pig farming

  1. The investment cost is usually low and is mainly focused on buying equipment and building shelter houses.
  2.  As compared to other livestock animals, pigs generally grow faster. They have a higher feed-to-meat conversion efficiency.
  3. Pig meat is one of the tastiest and nutritious meat.
  4. They can convert all types of inedible feeds, forages, certain grains byproducts obtained from mills, damaged feeds, meat byproducts, garbage, etc. into valuable, nutritious, and delicious meat.
  5. The ratio of total consumable meat and total body weight is higher in pigs. You can get around 60 to 80 percent of consumable meat from a live pig.
  6.  Pig meat already has a very good market. You can also consider exporting your products (such as bacon, ham, lard, pork, sausages, etc.).
  7. Pig fat is not a waste product. It has also good demand in poultry feed, paints, soap ad chemical industries.
  8. Pig manure is a great fertilizer and is widely used in crop production.
  9. Lastly, a business of pig farming ensures a high break-even and ROI (return on investment) ratio.

How to do a successful pig farming

  1.  Training to Raise Pigs - One should go through proper training for raising the pigs from established training centers and universities. Knowledge should be there about which type of environment you should raise pigs for their welfare enhancement.
  2. Choose appropriate land - A noise-free and calm area. Market proximity to buying essential medications, vaccines, commodities, and sell farm products. Preferably a rural land, owing to the easy and cheap availability of laborers. The provision of veterinary service.
  3. Select right Pig Breeds - One should choose those breeds which are easily available in their area. Local breeds are also a good option, but production will be less. Some common and popular pig breeds for commercial production are Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc, Hampshire, Spotted, Poland China, Chester White and Berkshire.
  4. Choose proper Pig Housing - A good house not only keeps the pigs healthy but also helps them to stay free from adverse weather conditions. Make proper facility for keeping the boar, farrowing, weaner, and dry sow separated from each other.
  5. Availability of Feed - Good food not only help to keep the pigs healthy but also help them to grow better and gain weight faster. One can select the most economical ingredients for preparing the feeds. The basic ingredients of pig feed are oat, grains, maize, wheat, rice, sorghum, and other millets. You can add some protein supplements like oil cakes, fishmeal, and meat meal. The best way to feed the pigs of a farm is to keep them and feed them separately. That means, keep the different aged pigs separately and feed them according to their age and weight
  6. Initiate breeding process- Pigs are naturally very good breeders. They will breed easily if you keep a good ratio of sows and boars. Pigs generally reach breeding age faster. Both boars and sows become suitable for breeding within their 8 months of age. The heat period of a sow lasts for 2 to 3 days. But the first day during the heat period of a gilt is the best time to breed, and the second day is the best day for a sow.
  7.  Proper care and management - Pigs are very hardy and require less caring and other management. Ensure hygiene system inside the house. Keeping the boars and sows separated from each other is a great idea. All the boars are not necessary for breeding.
  8.  Marketing of products - When pigs reach their slaughtering age, you can easily sell them in the local and international markets since there is a lot of demand for the same. If you will have a proper marketing campaign in place that focuses on promoting the quality of your products and health safety measures being adopted while raising pigs, you will not only have more clients in the local and national market but in the international market as well.
Author: Krushnadas Panda


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