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Our family was going to my village in West Godavari district, I was super excited for the day. We live in Hyderabad from a very long time, since my dad’s schooling. Every year we go on a road trip to the village, it vividly brings back memories of farmers and their broad smiles when I look into their eyes.  As we reached our destination, we saw a farmer with his buffalos crossing our way to his paddy fields (The crop was ready to harvest). My father drove the vehicle to the side. He and the farmer begin to talk.  Later I came to know that he is our distinct relative. Papa began saying that, the man whom he spoke to, is also the owner of large livestock. Although the idea of farmers owning livestock is not new, what’s new is the idea of trading his buffalos on the online platform. “I felt as time goes, people change with time, as the industry calls it, it may be a trend, or as common people tag it as craze but there will changes in thinking of people and their livelihood, the way they d