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Should I apply for GST(Goods & Services Tax) & FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) registration?

This article is written for the benefit of farmers and dairy farm entrepreneurs by image source: GST is mandatory for businesses with turnover exceeding ₹40 lakhs (₹10 Lakhs for North-Eastern and hill states). If you are planning for a bigger project, it is recommended to consult online GST platforms like ' ' or 'GST experts' or 'charted accountant (CA)' for the registration process. Coming to FSSAI, it is recommended to register as a "company" and under "FSSAI" if your dairy farm's milk production is greater than 500 litres per day or if the annual turnover is up to ₹12 Lakhs. The registration will also be helpful for future expansions. For more details check here: Let us delve into FSSAI: 1)      FSSAI Food License Eligibility 2)      Information & Documents needed     3)      FSSAI – Food License Registration Procedure   1)     FSSAI Food License