A close watch is always needed to identify the disease symptoms in a cow

Cow health is very important in profitable cow rearing. As soon as the first symptoms of various diseases of cows are noticed, taking remedial action/treatment, It is possible to reduce the financial loss very much. 

Identification of Symptoms

To find out if any of the cows show any symptoms of the disease, it is of utmost importance to have an individual observation of each of them. This will lead to proper control of diseases and timely care.

The tendency to stand with the head bowed or away from the herd is not a good symptom.

Healthy cows will have a good appetite and will be seen taking feed efficiently. Not taking feed, and not chewing the cud can be a disease symptom, provided that it is ensured not because of changes in the feed quality or taste.

Healthy cows will have soft skin, that can be elastic in nature (ie, it can be pulled easily and if left, it will go back to its original form). Dry and hard skin is a disease symptom. Risen hairs, hair falls and hairs without luster are not healthy signs, it indicates the presence of Exo and Endo parasites, also indicates the weakening of its body.

The cow’s nose and its surrounding areas should be wet but should not have mucus exudes. If these parts are dry, it indicates fever symptoms.

Suffocation, unusual sounds, coughs are symptoms to be keenly observed. Healthy cows will have a shine in their eyes. Sunken and hanging eyes denote fever symptoms. Tears rolling from the eyes and puss in the eyes have to be carefully observed. 

A healthy cow will excrete cow dungs which are not much loose but are greener in color. Air bubbles, mucus, or blood drops in the dung indicate the presence of endoparasites. Then, cow dung should be tested and immediate treatment should be given.

A healthy cow’s urine will be clear or light yellow in color. Dark, red, or pale brown colors indicate disease symptoms. 

The drastic variations in the cow’s milk quantity are the beginning of diseases. Mastitis, Ketosis, and many more diseases have this symptom of drastic milk quantity reduction. 


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